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Fill Out Questionnaire to Help Create Vet Center

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How this will help

This is about the efforts of 1 extraordinary young woman, asking our veteran members to pledge their support to her as she designs and promotes a transition center for veterans. Influenced by Eric Greitens of "The Mission Continues" (, Kate Zahradnikova is a strong supporter of troops & spent countless hours developing an idea to help service members returning home from war. In Kate's words:
"This center would be one option offered by the government/military/VA for those who don't want or are not ready to go back to the life from which they came. This could range from people who sacrificed college to serve their country to people who joined the military to escape from poverty. The center would serve all of those who need some time to figure life out and help them to use their skills to educate civilians, enhance/develop their own skills, and/or educate themselves (college prep, leadership, computer skills, business skills)"
Kate needs veterans to come forward and fill out a questionnaire to help her expand this project and focus on veterans needs, as defined by veterans themselves. Below this paragraph are the questions she would like answered (anonymously or not). If some of the questions are too personal, they may be skipped. It takes approximately 1/2 hour to fill out.


[email protected]

Military Service
1. Branch of military?
2. Under what conditions did you join?
3. Total length of service?
4. Achieved rank?
5. Type of discharge?
6. Were you deployed outside of US? If so, how many times, where and how long?
7. Were you deployed under combat conditions?

Veterans' Administration
1. Have you ever contacted or visited your local VA office? Why? (benefits, counseling, medical, etc)
2. Did you receive information you were seeking? Was it helpful? Was it complete?
3. Were you seeking something other than information? Were your needs met?
4. What was attitude of personnel with whom you dealt at VA office?
5. If you visited a VA office, please describe experience and the conditions of office, in detail.

Personal Situation
1. Please describe your physical condition at time of your return from your final deployment and discharge.
2. Please describe your mental and emotional condition at time of your return from your final deployment.
3. Do you consider yourself a highly adaptable person? Moderately? Other?
4. Do you feel that your return from your last deployment was handled well by military?
5. Do you feel that you were prepared adequately to achieve all your post-military service goals?

Post-Deployment Experience
1. After your deployment(s), were you required to return to a U.S. base for any length of time? If so, where and how long?
2. What were the conditions at U.S. base to which you returned?
3. Were any transition services provided at that U.S. base?
4. If there was no transition period at U.S. base (or elsewhere), to what location did you return (childhood home, own home, etc)
5. Should additional transition services have been provided to you? If so, for how long?
6. What types of transition services would you have found helpful?
7. Would you have appreciated having a range of transition services offered?
8. Would you prefer to receive transition services in (a) a military environment, (b) an institutional environment, (c) a mixed environment, (d) other?
9. Do you think you would have utilized services of a transition center had one been available to you?

Would you take advantage (then or now) of the following transition services, if offered:
1. Opportunity to train civilians in self-defense? leadership skills? marksmanship?
2. Opportunity to provide personal training services to civilians.
3. Opportunity to provide technical training to civilians.
4. Opportunity to live in a transition facility.
5. Opportunity to receive training in the arts? construction?
6. Opportunity to further your technical skills.
7. Opportunity to teach children
8. Other opportunity?


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