Sign the Petition to Senator Elizabeth Warren

Dear Senator Elizabeth Warren,

We urge you to take a stand against GMO's being sold in the United States. GMO's have been proven to be harmful to the health of rats as well as human beings.


Jacob Litoff

With the amount of corruption in our government today the corporations, like Monsanto, are paying the members of Congress and those who work in the white house millions of dollars so they will vote in their favor. Therefore our government is no longer representing the people of the USA. It is simply representing the desires of the owners of these corrupt evil businesses. So only we the people can change these things by doing things similar to what California is doing now with proposition 37 demanding that all GMOs will be labelled in foods. Well now we must go one step further and forbid their use in the USA since they've been proven to be harmful to our health with the tests just done in France. So please sign this petition so that GMO's can be forbidden here in the USA just like they are getting forbidden in most other parts of the world.


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