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According to court documents, several witnesses told investigators that Connecticut State Police Trooper, Pearl Kelly-Paris, actively ran a human trafficking operation with her husband, Jaykuan Paris.

Together, Jaykuan and Pearl operated the illegal business out of their New Britain, Connecticut home. The extensive investigation, led by the FBI, revealed information that proved Jaykuan and the State Trooper were arranging "for the prostitution of several females, in some cases by means of force, fraud and/or coercion" – the legal definition of human trafficking - and that they regularly advertised in the "escort" section of several websites including 

The words of the witnesses/victims in these statements clearly expose the truth behind the abuse women suffer from the tyrannical behavior of their violent pimps - in this case Jaykuan Paris and a member of the Connecticut State Police.  

One witness/victim told police that while Pearl was on active-duty as a Connecticut State Trooper, she arrived at a motel in Rocky Hill, Connecticut - in uniform and driving her State Police cruiser - and handed a digital camera to her husband, Mr. Paris. He then proceeded to photograph the witness/victim, his wife, Pearl - the Trooper - and another woman.  

All three women, including the State Trooper, wore black lingerie and face masks for the photographs. He then posted the photos throughout online "escort" advertisements on The "escort" ads would then generate calls from men looking to pay for sex.  

Jaykuan was arrested in November, 2011 and charged by the State of Connecticut only with second-degree promoting prostitution. He pleaded No Contest and will serve less than four years in prison.  

Pearl, the Connecticut State Police Trooper, was arrested in May of 2012 and  charged by the State of Connecticut only with second-degree promoting prostitution and second-degree conspiracy to promote prostitution. All court documents pertaining to this case have been sealed. 

No one is talking within the Connecticut State Police is talking. What is the truth? We demand answers . . . without retribution. Currently, the lead journalist investigation this crime is being targeted by Connecticut State Police and officials within the State Government for attempting to uncover the truth. 

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