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Forest Department, Government Of Assam & India

Dear Sir/Madam,

With utmost concern for the one horned pride of the nation, we call upon you to save the rhino from the verge of extinction. Rhino poaching is an open secret and its time your department stops hiding actual facts from the common man. Its time we stop hearing false promises and see some action being taken. Excessive poaching, floods, destruction of habitat by illegal migrants, how much can the animal bear?

We are common people and have limited means to stop the poachers. But, the Government is not lame. If you want, poaching can be stopped at the earliest time possible.

Our demands?? Nothing much. We just want a dedicated special task force with modern weapons (Not like the old bamboo stick like gun that the guards around the park carry) and satellite tracking facility whose only activity round the year will be to protect the animals of the national park.
Save the natural habitat of the animals by driving out the illegal migrants from the boundary of the park.
Now is it too much to ask?

Appealing you to take some stern actions for the same and we will support those activities till the end.

The Common Man


Pranuj Phukan

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