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In 2013 Operation Revamp will be hosting an art exhibition "The Incredible Feet" for veteran and military artists. As a precursor we are assembling a video portraying military 'feet' and we need your help.
Our military have walked the walk, carrying the defense of our freedoms into combat. Our military will have their own perception of the feet they walked the walk with.

We need drawings to assemble this video and we are asking for submissions. There is no entry fee for the video project and credits will include the veteran's name and branch of service.

Drawings can be scanned or photographed and sent to

Operation Revamp is only requesting permission to use the images in the video and/or printed promotional items. We are also providing an opportunity for drawings to be included in the exhibition catalog.

This video will be used for promotional purposes of 'The Incredible Feet' exhibition and will be shown during the exhibition in 2013.

The deadline for submission is October 10th, 2012. If you are a veteran we invite you to provide your drawing of what 'The Incredible Feet' means to you and we also ask that you, and all non-veteran cause members, take the pledge to share this opportunity with other veterans.

"An Army cannot preserve good order unless its soldiers have meat in their bellies, coats on their backs and shoes on their feet." - The Duke of Marlborough

So 'show us your feet' and submit your drawings to or upload them using the release form at

Please take the pledge to pass this on.


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