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Today I am happy and sad at the same time, I am happy that God is bringing together some wonderful people who have a heart and passion for the cause. I am happy that God has touched the hearts of persons to contribute to the cause and to help hurting families.

However I am sad that so many around the world continue to suppress victims and encourage abuse, poverty, human trafficking, hate, and bitterness so that victims lose hope, faith, trust, and the thought of being free and to be loved.

This week as I looked into the eyes of victims of violence and poverty my heart broke, as I saw children run in fear and I saw adults apprehensive because they are trying to save themselves from feeling anymore hurt and pain, because they have lost trust in the words of so many who have come to them and offered to help them and stand with them.

Standing with families in abusive situations and poverty is working with them right through side by side so that they can become self-sufficient and emotionally strong so families can move from being in dysfunction and poverty to thriving families of productivity and possibilities not to be dependent on handouts but receiving the information and skills to learn to fish for themselves.

I pray that so many more will accept the call and help where they can, to heal families who are less fortunate and deprived.

If you would like to help us reach families during the month of October which is "Domestic Violence Awareness Month" send me a note or go to the NEWLY formed Public Group "Hearts of Mercy" to see a list of the things which are needed.

Too many times for this month we hold marches and give speeches but the victims remain in the abuse, in poverty, in dysfunction, children continue to hurt.

"I AM SAYING NO TO ABUSE" is asking you to take a pledge to help reduce poverty even in the donation of a pair of socks you can help a child who has none.

Take action today and bring a smile to a child.

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