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Mr. President of the U.S.A. Barack Obama, Mrs. Anne W. Patterson

Dear Mr. President of the U.S.A. Barack Obama,
Dear U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, Mrs. Anne W. Patterson,

10 Million Plus Animals Are Euthanized Annually In The United States in shelters, to clean up for new arrivals within a short time. The animals have even not the time to get their breath back after they entered the shelters. There is even not enouph time to pick them again up by the owners or to find forever homes. You proclaim yourselves a super power? You have no mercy – no compassion! Become a compassion for your domestic animals (cats and dogs) and make America a “No Kill Nation”! Your cats and dogs are loving, loyal, faithful and innocent creatures. USA has to become a NO KILLING NATION of animals in all US shelters. There is ignorance and many individuals in governmental positions do not study details of a plan and leave decisions in the hands of those who have a vested interest in the continuance of killing.

We in Egypt are upset about the shelters procedures related to the killing of their animals. Our lovely Mau-cats and unique dog breeds "baladis" find very often a new home in the US. But we don't want them to end at one of those shelters where they will die. We ask you to shut down all kill shelters in the USA and animal sanctuaries be opened to replace them.

It is estimated as many as 250,000,000 companion animals were slaughtered in American shelters during the last decade. That figure is equivalent to the entire US human population in 1991. No-Kill facilities are operating in several cities across the USA, including New York, San Francisco and Utah. While some pounds kill as many as 90 % of the animals, they capture and that owners relinquish, others are reducing their kill rates of adoptable animals to 0 %.

Can we find homes for that many shelter animals? The good news is that we don’t have to. Some animals need adoption, but others do not. Some animals, like unsocialized cats, need neuter and release. Others will be reclaimed by their families. Some animals will go to rescue groups. Others are irremediably suffering or hopelessly ill. And many more can be kept out of the shelter through a comprehensive pet retention effort. While about four million dogs and cats will be killed in pounds and shelters this year, roughly three million will be killed for lack of a new home. Can we find homes for those animals? Yes we can.

There are over 23 million people who are going to get an animal next year. Some are already committed to adopting from a shelter. Some are already committed to getting one from a breeder or other commercial source. But 17 million have not decided where that animal will come from and research shows they can be influenced to adopt from a shelter. That’s 17 million people vying for roughly 3 million animals. So even if 80% of those people got their animal from somewhere other than a shelter, we could still zero out the killing. And many communities are proving it.

How shall we believe in Western countries when we see that USA kills a cat or dog every 8 second in a shelter in order to clean it up? We are fighting for animals rights here in Egypt, cause there is no right for animals here, but what USA is doing, is not acceptable at all. Be an idol to other countries like Egypt, prove that you can find solutions together with American organizations which already have the answer and the solution for you.

Faithfully Yours,

The population of Egypt and from this planet for a better world


Judith Weber

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We want U.S.A. a "No Kill Nation" in all shelters in the U.S.A. Those animals have no voice, human beings are responsible for their life and also their death they have to face! We also have to...

We want U.S.A. a "No Kill Nation" in all shelters in the U.S.A. Those animals have no voice, human beings are responsible for their life and also their death they have to face! We also have to change this. The time is now!


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