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On June 29th 2012 our son was a pedestrian walking home and was struck and killed by a minivan. The woman who killed our son was allowed to leave the scene after calling her husband within a half hour of striking our son, never having to take a breathalyzer or having to prove she was not under any influence. But they did do a full toxicology on our dead son. And within an hour the whole scene was cleared, no pictures of the scene or her vehicle were taken by the local police who were in charge. And when the State Police came to ask if they wanted assistance the local police refused their assistance to recreate the schene. So presently she has gotten away with killing our son. The police said all they were liable to do was 3 things make sure she was not under the influence, not texting, and not speeding. And then told us they had to believe what she said which was..... she was not speeding, not texting and not under any influence. We want this law passed to help all future pedestrians and family memebers who may find themselves in the same position if this law is not passed.


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