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Share the need 4 a Child Abuse Victim Support site

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How this will help

First I want to thank all of our wonderful members new and old. In 6 weeks you have rallied to grow this cause by 10,000 new members. We are humbled but so grateful because there are many more victims our there. New huge trafficking effort announcements are coming soon.

Will you help us in another urgent and important effort. We need to build a new high quality live chat site quickly. Please read the announcement and fundraiser from below. It is so cool since you can piggy back and start your own Team member fund raiser to help us! Even if you cannot donate, please share, tweet and be regularly social about this new pledge so we can help victims become survivors in a better way.

Ark of Hope for Children sees first hand how even after any physical or sexual abuse is over, the emotional torment continues for child abuse survivors. Victims can often face post traumatic stress (PTSD), mental illness, depression, anxiety, nightmares, falling behind in school, confusion, bullying, separation from siblings, bounced from home to home... the list goes on and on. Even adult survivors of child abuse that have not received help will eventually hit an emotional barrier that can feel insurmountable.

Please help us build Ark of Hope's own nonprofit website for male and female victims of child abuse, young and old. The site will be available 24/7 worldwide once fully functioning. We built a site that we run for a for-profit company, but we must NOW pull this under our nonprofit umbrella.

The new site will be at and will feature 10+ rooms for group and private live chat help. Some restricted rooms will be only for teen aged and younger victims. We will have Survivors Coaches and mentors available to listen, be a shoulder, provide connections and materials and anything else possible.

Ark of Hope for Children under Blair Corbett, has been helping child abuse, child trafficking and even religious ritual abuse victims online for many years. Using our CounterAttack program through our growing social network survivors are finding new hope in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and other countries weekly.

Bringing these hurting souls together under one "roof" on our safe website will provide things we simply cannot anywhere else. PLEASE help us. Timing is critical to begin this effort now. Thousands of child abuse and trafficking victims need the hope that this site and Ark of Hope for children can bring.

The amount posted is not our full need, but the most critical and urgent portion at this time. Please link to and share this page;


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