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Plastic bags at Cornell University

I support The Cornell Store and Society for Natural Resources Conservation (SNRC) in their commitment to a sustainable Cornell by eliminating single-use plastic bag which:

• remain toxic, even after they break down.
• about 1 million are used every minute, and a single plastic bag can take 1,000 years to degrade
• over 1 trillion are used every year worldwide. The U.S. alone goes through 100 billion of every year; this costs retailers about $4 billion per year.
• Are the second most common type of ocean refuse (after cigarette butts), and clog oceans, often killing many organisms.
• will save students and the Cornell store $ on material costs.

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Kristina C.

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How this will help

Eliminating plastic bags at The Cornell Store will make Cornell University one of the most progressive universities in the United States!

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