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Click below to send an instant message to our decision makers today. Let's show them that even if the live export trade has forgotten these animals — we never will.
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URGENT! Save the #ForgottenAnimals of live export #BanLiveExport via @AnimalsAus

Dear Animal Advocates and friends worldwide- right now there is a tragedy unfolding — but with your help, we can stop it.
This information comes from ANIMALS AUSTRALIA!
Two brave Australian whistleblowers have come forward with horrific images of prolonged cruelty and neglect — the tragic consequences of a live export system that has completely overlooked 'breeding' animals.

The images, aired recently on the 7.30 program, showed dairy cows exported to Qatar who were dying of thirst, malnutrition and heat stress. Mother cows, unable to nourish their calves, helplessly watched on as their babies perished in the appalling conditions. The images shocked viewers across the nation. But even more shocking, is that soon, hundreds more Australian dairy cattle may be sent to this same property in Qatar. We urgently need your help to support our calls to have this shipment stopped immediately.

This latest failure of the live export trade to ensure even the most basic protections for animals is just one example in a list of shameful incidents in recent weeks including:
22,000 exported Australian sheep languished on board a live export ship for two weeks in the extreme heat of the Arabian Gulf after being rejected by Bahrain — revealing that once animals leave our shores, there is no solid guarantee they will be accepted.

After being labelled 'diseased', these same animals were fast-tracked to Pakistan — another country where there are no laws that protect animals from cruelty. Tragically, orders were given to kill the animals, and some 800 were slaughtered and dumped into pits before legal action temporarily halted the mass killings. The fate of the survivors remains uncertain.

Animals Australia exposed a serious breach in the live export trade to Kuwait, where Australian animals were found 'leaking' out of the approved supply chain into a notoriously cruel market, where they were brutally killed. Once again, our small charity has been left to be the watchdog of this multimilliondollar industry.
The measures that the Australian government put in place to reassure the Australian community that the welfare of Australian animals would be protected are failing. As for the breeding and dairy cattle exported to a Qatari facility — they never had a chance — as they are not covered at all by the governments new regulations.

Every incident exposed provides further reason for the government and opposition to reconsider their support of this trade. Your voice as a voter is critically important. They ignore it at their peril. Please make it known, that any party that supports live export will not be getting your vote at the next election, and let them know that you expect urgent action to ensure breeding animals are subjected to the same export requirements as animals exported for slaughter.
Click below to send an instant message to our decision makers today. Let's show them that even if the live export trade has forgotten these animals — we never will.

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I proudly support this great team of Animal Advocates, please give them your support too.
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