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Vance County (NC) Board of Commissioners

Dear Vance County Board of Commissioners,

We write to you today from a place of love, not hate. While we love the cats & dogs of this great nation, we hate knowing that too many suffer a torturous and painful death in GAS CHAMBERS like the one(s) in Vance County.

While some animal activists make demands, the people who have signed this petition are instead asking for all of you to reconsider the county's stance on how these unwanted or sick animals are PTS.

We appreciate the county shelter's newfound openess to animal groups & rescues alike and we hop to build off this success to save as many lives as possible moving forward.

However the gassing of animals is unacceptable and we are here to ask for change. Will you listen?

The American Humane Association recently commissioned a study comparing the cost of EBI (euthanasia by injection) and gas chambers that proves EBI is less costly to communities. Using data from an animal sheltering organization, the study shows that the cost to use carbon monoxide poisoning is $4.98 per animal. The cost to use EBI, however, is only $2.29 per animal.

In these tough economic times, it would certainly be a win-win to not only become more humane but also stay within shrinking budgets while doing so.

Of course in the end, no one wants innocent animals to be put to death at all. There are millions of Americans fighting to end this cycle. However in the meantime, the people of this petition and citizens of the greatest country in the world, are asking you to make a change.

Thank you for your time & we hope to celebrate with Vance County as you eliminate barbaric animal gas chambers for good!


Your fellow Americans & animal lovers


Dave Saggese

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