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Once again, we are faced with the same repetitive scenario of compromising human dignity in favor of economic and capitalist greed. Once again, we find that the United States is complying with a war criminal for economic interests. We are standing together to demand that the United States’ Administration stop support and protection of dictator and war criminal President Omar Al-Bashir. Due to the recent violent crackdowns on peaceful demonstrators, detentions and torture, we, the signers of this statement, demand that the US administration stop supporting President Omar Al-Bashir. Human rights should never be compromised for economic gains. We demand that the US government exercise its utmost level of pressure on the Sudanese Government to unconditionally release all the detainees, and to hold the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) accountable for their shameful failure of complying with the universal declaration of human rights, and international law.
The United States current “praising” stance with regards to the recently signed oil agreement between North and South Sudan not only protects a war criminal wanted by the ICC, but it stands in the way of democracy and justice. Human rights and justice should take precedence over economic interests and capitalist greed. Stop disheartening the People of Sudan now! The NCP is responsible for the recent deadly crackdowns on peaceful protesters in Niyala and in many other parts of Sudan, which in Niyala alone resulted in the death of twelve and over forty badly injured high school students,. The NCP has had a long and dark history of violently suppressing dissent among the people of Sudan, have taken pride in that, and has made that known in public statements against peaceful protesters. The list of their disgraceful crimes is long: genocide in Darfur, and recent air raids against civilians in Kordofan and the Nuba Mountains region.
There are more than 2000 detainees currently in multiple undisclosed locations. The Sudanese government has had a dark history with using what is called “Ghost houses” to torture and interrogate detainees and suppress the freedom of expression. Detainees are held incommunicado, refused legal counsel, and face the risk of torture, multiple arbitrary arrests upon release, harassment, physical and psychological abuse, sexual violence against both male and female activists, and ill-treatment. We call for an investigation into human rights violations (which include: torture, mental and psychological abuse, and sexual violence) committed by NISS (National Intelligence and Security System) against detainees during their detention period. We demand that you take serious and urgent action against the government of Sudan. This will test your integrity in committing to human rights, democracy and justice. Your “praise” of Al-Bashir is silence, and silence is compliance. Al-Bashir should not be “praised”. Please step up to democracy and human rights. Stop the greedy, inhumane bargain!


Anab Mohamed

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The people of Sudan have suffered 23 years of oppression and genocide. The compromise of human rights for economic interests needs to stop. Demand human dignity and human rights! not capitalist greed!


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