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Sub: Petition/ Grievance for action against certification of un released Movie"SON OF SARDAR"

I have been deeply pained to watch the contents of OFFICIAL TRAILOR of forthcoming movie SON OF SARDAR which is Blasphemous, Defamatory, Objectionable, Injurious, Malicious, Insulting and demeaning. The movie is being produced by Ajay devgn,(devgan) Viacom 18 motion picture, ADF Ajay Devgn films, YRV Infra and Media (P)Ltd, directed by Mr Aswin Dheer due for release in November 2012 precisely on Diwali as per news. The main lead as a Sardar has also been enacted/played by Mr Ajay Devgn.

The trailer wrongly certified by you, has been viewed by 14 lakh in 5 days. It has sent wrongful signal in the society that Sikhs can be made jokes upon. This negates India's culture of unity. As a Sikh youth, I am deeply shocked. I thought 1984 brutality against Sikhs was something of the past and that I live in a New Vibrant India, an India that respects all religions.

Wrongly, because, if you the 1st tenet of Sikhism,
Cutting hair: Cutting hair is strictly forbidden in Sikhism. Sikhs are required to keep unshorn hair.
Lot of damage have been done by Singh is King and now this Son of Sardar.

As being the authority specially constituted in public interest and in interest of justice, I demand that the certificate be cancelled immediately and Ajay Devgn be called upon to remove all clips related to "Son of Sardar" from internet without any delay and replace it with an "apology to the Sikhs world wide".

That in view of the violation of the Censor Board Film Certification Guidelines as also article 19(2) of Indian Constitution kindly stay the grant of Censor Board Certification for all matters pertaining to the said movie Son of Sardar.

We are afraid, if such movies against minorities be allowed, India, which already has a bad record of Human Rights will only get worsened.

Till such time you do not take action, the trailer can be seen here

Sikhs have paid with their lives to free India, India that we all are proud of. People like you in power need to be sensitive to our feelings.

Looking forward to speedy action.



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