Pledge to

Reshape the world

How this will help

There's a petition below to this link that is taking action on things affecting us and undoing so much damage that the Bush/Cheney administration did to us. This link tells us what we're taking action on. This is very important. This should've been done when Barrack Obama became president of the United States. It's also that there are so many wrongs to be righted. There are various posts on a care2 group on this link below. There are so many politicians that need to be impeached. Any politician should be impeachable and it shouldn't just be illegal activities being reasons to impeach the president or any politician. Here are posts below to go with this... Those posts are archived. It should also be screwing up very badly is a reason for politicians to be impeached and being dumb, stupid or even selfish. Any petitions similar to this you others could comment here with a link whether it's on politicians to be removed, gas prices or the economy or anything else related to reshaping the world.

Also this is taking a stand against greed and too many people are asking for too much money that it affects businesses and is part of the problem why the economy has gone in bad shape.


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