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I have created this petition in hopes of clearing Michael Jackson's name once and for all. Michael was found to be INNOCENT of any charges posed against him back in 2005. He suffered greatly for trying to help others, especially children. His name was dragged through the mud, he was lied on, ridiculed, persecuted, and his credibility was mostly destroyed in the public eye. This should never have happened and MUST BE righted somehow, some way. This slander by the media cannot continue. Michael deserves better than that for all he gave to this world, and his love and care of children. I would like to see there be repercussions for those continuing to slander his name and keep lies going against him. He was right when he said, 'the truth doesn't sell; only bad news sells', but I hope we can change that. It is the time the GOOD things Michael did come out into view of the world, not the lies and falsehoods doled out by the media and tabloids. It is time for TRUTH. It is time for Michael to be restored. God bless.


Nuhad Ahmed

If you love Michael, truly love him, and hate what was done to him out of jealousy and racism and pure, unadulterated hatred, please sign this petition. If you believe Michael Jackson should be cleared of all false allegations against him once and for all, please sign this petition. If you want Michael to stop being the butt of people's dumb, uncouth jokes in the media and television, please sign this petition. Thank you.


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