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Donkey sex gets thumbs-up from censors..
Film depicting bestiality gets a surprising pass from classification board.
Gay sex is more likely to offend standards of morality and decency than men having sex with donkeys, as far as Australia's censors are concerned.
A film depicting sex acts between men and donkeys was screened at a Sydney film festival last week after an exemption from classification was granted to the festival by the Classification Board.
The federal government agency responsible for classifying films, the Classification Board, did not ask to view Donkey Love before granting permission for it to screen at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival and Sydney Underground Film Festival.


A film festival in Australia allowed the screening of a documentary about bestiality, two years after another film festival banned the screening of movie about gay sex due to offensive content.

On Sept. 8, the Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF) screened "Donkey Love", a documentary that purports to reveal sexual relations between Colombian men and their donkeys, a practice that allegedly prepares men for sex with women and "prevents them from becoming homosexuals."

The Classification Board, the government agency responsible for classifying films, did not ask to view the film before it screened at the festival. Instead, "Donkey Love" got an exemption from classification, according to an article by the Sydney Morning Herald's Andrew Taylor. Films in Australia cannot be screened publicly without being rated by the Classification Board, but a festival can screen films that are not rated.

One scene shows a man having sex with a donkey on the side of a road, as cameramen film and laugh, according to Taylor.

Stefan Popescu, a director of SUFF, told SMH he was surprised the board did not ask for more information on the film.

"Donkey Love" was acceptable, but the 2010 film "L.A. Zombie," which showed gay sex, was not.



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**** Please note that the video link that i've included is NOT of the actual film that was recently aired at the Sydney Underground Film Festival. The video i've posted shows you all about what many of the Colombian boys/ men get up to with their donkeys. How very bizaare and sad ****


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