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For many years the Hum has been plaguing and ruining human lives, also affecting animals populations, leading them slowly to the brink of extinction (see the baths, bees, whales, dolphins, whose navigation and orientation ability has been severely disturbed by the Hum). The results from the Kokomo, Taos Hum and Bristol Hum investigations are not satisfactory, having been mostly inconclusive or narrowly explained as in the case of Kokomo Hum, as this menace is spreading over the world. Its low vibration can be felt as electroshocks and tingling in the body and lead to serious health problems, like neurological permanent damage, fibromyalgia, VAD (vibroacoustic disease - with fatal end) that affects even children, heart attacks (SADS including), severe insomnia, loss of balance, brain fog, palpitations, pressure in the head, ears, tinnitus, anxiety etc. There are several recorded cases of a suicide because of the Hum, and so many others without a known reason which could be the Hum too!
One of the very possible causes for the Hum is the natural gas pipe lines system of transmission (and if it so, the system must be changed, not without government's help!). Another one, even more scary, is based on a 2-year research by Victor Nixon (the latest victim of the Hum, died of a heart attack just a few weeks after his testimony in the court!), and nominates the dirty electricity, and the deadly non-ionizing radiation and infrasound from the BPL or PLT (broadband over the power lines) as the most possible culprit. If this malignant technology proves to be the source of the Hum, it must be stopped and rectified, so that it can be deployed in much more civilized and toll-free way. Many believe that the massive spread of the the microwave towers which are operating at unnecessary high power, and especially the ones using UMTS technology and TETRA, are related to the Hum. Research on this and other Hum factors is done by Dr. Chris Barnes, from the Bankgor University. John Dawes has done a research leading to the theory that the Hum is an energy produced by the Electrical Power Grid with its interaction with the Earth's ionosphere (which is in turn changed by ionospheric heaters like HAARP). (If this is true, then only heavenly justice can be done.)
Prof. David Deming has even created a scientific forum dedicated on the Hum, and has written a very extensive paper on this mysterious and dangerous phenomenon.
And not at last, the voices of so many Hum sufferers are often dismissed by authorities and health workers. We are nothing but anonymous numbers to them, the cattle waiting silently in the slaughterhouses their destiny... Thousands of people suffer in silence, people from all walks of life, who are doomed to the end of their lives to live with this terrifiying and traumatazing phenomenon! Lack of sleep is being said to be one of the most dangerous silent killers - this is what the Hum does, it is not just a sound annoyance, it is an infrasonic vibration, felt in the body, and it dangerously interferes with the brain waves, as its frequency it is overlapping the ones of the brain. The Hum is often said to be heard at the hearing threshold, and to be mostly heard at night, when its vibrations penetrate with ease our sleeping and unprotected bodies. Infrasound has been studied long ago and its deadly consequences being proven as weapon to which there is no protection. The Hum has been aslo associated with the RF frequencies. The effects of non ionizing radiation have been even more terrifiyng. Microwaves being one of the culprits...
According to the Human rights convention, every human being has the right of an undisturbed sleep therefore the Hum is infrindging one of the most important conditions for the human being to survive and restore its system - the sleep! Think about the young and future generations - think about your own children, do they desrve to suffer from our mistakes and from the technology which has been developping at a faster speed than our spirituality? We need an urgent unified reaction, a new investigation under all governmental bodies and independent studies - to pinpoint the cause of the Hum and to liberate the humanity from its horrible presence. We don't need the Hum as we don't need famine, wars, misery and cruelty. Thank you very much for your help, on behalf of the Hum sufferers across the world,
Yours Sincerely,


Lidia Fil

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The Hum is for everyone - it affects everyone, without their knowledge and permission. Its energy enters the bodies of everyone - all living creatures of the Earth. The Hum kills. One day you are...

The Hum is for everyone - it affects everyone, without their knowledge and permission. Its energy enters the bodies of everyone - all living creatures of the Earth. The Hum kills. One day you are Hum-free, on the next - the world has changed its face, the Hum has overtaken your life... You have become sensitized or tuned to the Hum, and trapped within this hellish reality for life. This terrifiyng reality is claiming the lives of thousands Hum sufferers. It can be you, your beloved ones, your family and friends... Protect yourself and your beloved ones... How many years have been robbed from your lives by the Hum? Every responsible parent should sign this petition... Your children mustn't live with this menace! Also the animals who cannot speak up for themselves! Unless you don't react and ask investigation, the Hum will continue taking silently victims' lives! Silently and with impunity. Is this the world you want to live in?


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