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Dear friends,
jai sri krishna jai gaumata
Please spread the message"Prevent the sinful act of killing the cows or sending the cows to slaughter houses"
A cow is the best creature of the world.Gifting a cow is considered to be greatest of all charities.killing a cow is the greatest of all crimes.
Normally environmentalists raise their voice about adverse green effects and pollution of burning firewood. Interestingly the fire obtained by burning cow dung cakes had cleaned the atmosphere instead of polluting it. The holy process of Agnihotra is becoming popular throughout the world or its miraculous cleaning effects.So protect the holy sacred cow.cow dung is a natural manure,being used by Indians since ancient times. Cow urine and Neem leaves are mixed together and used as a pesticide.
In preparation of Ayurveda medicines , the Pancha gavyas( 5 cow products)are used they are 1.cow milk 2.curd 3.ghee 4.Urine 5. Cow dung.Treatment with panchagavyas had obtained prominence and importance after WHO started recognizing the traditional health remedies worldwide. In America and Africa , Panch gavya is being used and tested for curing AIDS and clinical results are even proving to be Valuable.
please invite your friends to this noble cause.
Radhe Ravoria


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