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Be their voice before mankind and the memory that recalls and honors all those billions of sentient

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Promessa de ser uma voz para animais!
Nos comprometemos a ser una voz para los animales

We must work Together, In Unity, around the world. People Power!
One Voice united for the Animals!

(Devemos trabalhar juntos, em unidade, em torno do mundo. Pessoas Poder!
Uma voz única para os Animais.)

(Tenemos que trabajar juntos, en unidad, en todo el mundo. Poder del pueblo!!
Una sola voz para los animales!)

Video was written by Norah André of Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Whom is currently working in unity from her group CADEIA, with WEEAC on our 2nd Annual Event September 22, 2012.
Video by Wania McCartney

Tabs below the Video. (abas abaixo o vídeo) (pestañas de abajo el video)
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1 in Spanish

WEEAC 2nd Event


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