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It's been a year since this cause wasn't updated. I wasn't able to do anything then what's been reported the last time due to lack of finances, lack of time to travel all the way to Mrs. Lidia but I miss Fiducia shelter and her dogs.

Mrs. Lidia is a woman with vision. She is not computer literate and the age put more obstacles between her love for the animals and what she actually still can do to accomplish.

I saw sadly a lot of shelters all over Romania, organized by younger people and maybe spending more money....and very few places compares with Fiducia - the shelter structure, the dogs condition indicate pure love and commitment....Compared with the Hell holes which eat up funds and dogs lives, some sadly administrated by charities who didn't find yet the right way to respect the animals - Mrs. Lidia follow her heart, instincts and build fabulously!!!!

Lidia was the last dog transported to ROLDA on its way to forever home. It passed a year and finally someone from Holland ask about this lovely dog...Finally all dogs were safely adopted out....Mrs. Lidia must be happy to know that dogs that ROLDA took responsibility for are treated now like queens and kings...and maybe this will bring a smile on her face!

You can help directly Mrs. Lidia using these details:

Bank account IBAN:
RO 92BRDE 270SV13482522700
Fundatia Pentru Protectia Animalelor "FIDUCIA" Reghin,
CIF: 12731489

Thank you! ROLDA Team


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