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Justice to the Karachi Factory Fire Victims

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CJ (Pakistan), Govt. of Pakistan (President, PM and CM of Sindh)

Pakistan is a state where everything is for the haves and nothing for the have-nots. Recent incident in which more than 300 laborers were blazed in a factory is a result of complete negligence of authorities regarding HSE rules and cruelty of exploiting factory owners, who treat working class as slaves; poor working conditions, work exceeding 16 hours, and closure of gates are only part of the inhuman conditions in factories. The recent incident would have not taken place if there had been proper working conditions and gates wouldn't have been closed.
This is a clear case of mass murder and FIR should be filed under the clauses of mass murder against: 1. Factory Owner 2. Govt. authorities for regulations in Industrial Area.
1. Chief Justice of Pakistan immediately take up this case and consider responsible for the incidents as murderers.
2. Federal govt. immediately grant govt. jobs to one member from each family of the victims (died or injured).
3. Sindh govt. immediately take up responsibility of the education of children from the victim's family. (If victim had no children then govt. should take responsibility of the education of his/her siblings)
4. Immediate notice for the free and fair union elections in every registered factory, firm, mill, company and business enterprise.

Please sign the petition and stand up in every procession, rally and strike in this regard.
Khurram Ali
National Students Federation


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You are not standing up for them, you are standing for your own selves. It is now or never!
Don't you see what is happening because of your silence. Stand up for your rights!


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