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"La Piccola Calabria"

An Italian restaurant owner has got himself in hot water, with two facebook pages calling for a boycott being set up after insulting remarks he made during the Italy-Malta match.
The owner of La Piccola Calabria was trying to undo the damage, saying that he had been joking with his wife on facebook and matters only deteriorated when somebody insulted his family.
In one of his facebook comments half way through the match, the restaurateur said: "Italy 1 Malta 0 - Come on champions let us score another 10 goals and give them a lesson in football. You Maltese, go and collect potatoes, forget football it is not for you.
"Were it not for us Italians, who came here and brought our money and our intelligence, you would have remained Arab Bedouins. If you still have a voice left, continue to sing in your crap Arabic."
His comments were followed by a barrage of insulting replies and the creation of the facebook pages calling for a boycott of his restaurant.
The restaurateur tried to calm the waters and explain. He said he had been joking with his wife on facebook but somebody got involved and offended his wife and family.
"I could not accept this and any true men among you will understand that the family cannot be touched in whatever circumstances," he said.
"Everything started from this grave offence which made me lose my mind and maybe say something extra."
He said that those who wished to boycott him should reflect whether, had they been in his place, they would have allowed anyone to offend their wives or daughters.
"I do not think so and, therefore, before judging a man you need to know the truth and you need to know him to understand his character and feelings."
He said he had been living and working in Malta for 10 years and he considered himself a good man who worked to support his family.
"Another thing I want to tell you is that before condemning a person you need to prove his guilt. Mine was just a game between my wife and myself but someone interfered and thought badly and offended me.
He urged those calling for the boycott to think hard. "Italian and Maltese players get loads of money to play we do not get anything so is it worth making such a fuss between us over a match?"


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