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La Trobe University

La Trobe University is conducting an experiment involving 20 young sheep. These sheep have compromised living conditions and their next destination is a stockyard - en-route to their ultimate slaughter.

The experiment consists of students giving different types of feed to 20 sheep over a 2 month period and measuring the effects on wool growth. Bedsides commoditizing the sheep, feeding and measuring is not necessarily harmful in itself, it is the conditions the sheep are living in which we are concerned with. They are caged with little room to roam for the entire duration of the experiment. They have little air ventilation and little to no access vitamin D from sunlight. The floors are grated, meaning the sheep have no comfortable place to rest. These compromised conditions cause distress to otherwise social and sentient beings.

Furthermore, and as mentioned above, it is what will happen to the sheep after the experiment, which also concerns us. They will be sent to a stockyard (where animals are often injured and die) and finally to an abattoir to be slaughtered.

We implore La Trobe University to permanently cease the sheep experiment, employ cruelty-free alternatives and allow the 20 sheep to be re-homed at Edgar’s Mission. Sign to tell La Trobe University, the abuse of sheep is NOT OK.


Sofia Green Bean

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Sheep are sentient beings who ought to live free from fear, distress and with freedom to express normal behaviours.


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