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All the horses of the world

As of December 2007, approximately 45,000 horses had been shipped to Mexico, compared to the 11,000 shipped in 2006. That’s a 310% increase in the number of horses shipped to Mexico to be slaughtered for human consumption.

The sad thing is that, not all of the horses are just old, sick or un-manageable horses. A lot of them are PMU horses and Nurse mare foals. Some of them are even back-yard pets, that have been stolen, strictly to make a buck or simply due to the over abundance of breeding horses.

There are basically two types of horse slaughter houses in Mexico. Municipal plants, that process for local consumption, and clandestine facilities. These are not regulated facilities. They are basically butcher shops with no regulation of how the horses are handled or euthanized.


Jaimie Goodrich

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