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All Adults Between The Ages of 18 - 72

***Each of Us Have The Cure For One Another For Blood Type Cancers***

It means there is a chance that you may be willing to help in a volunteer capacity when a registry drive might be held where you live or where a family is in need.

Recently a close friend to the family and also a Non-Hodgkin's Cancer patient like my brother just has gone out of remission and now is looking at the need of a bone marrow/stem-cell transplant.

Bob Hick's is still a young man and has much life to live. This is why these Causes and Campaigns are so important to become highly successful in building the needed funds and getting people to join in the registry to build a better chance for donor matches.

If you wish to donate money to this Critical Cause, you may go to the following links that are connected directly to Pal-pal or other ways in that you may choose to give:

By going to: or and/or on Facebook:

You Can Step up Today by signing the PETITION and send a clear message that you Believe each of us have the cure for one another.

With your kind money donation also given by the provided links given above and throughout this plea are also to help in my brother Perry Gornick's recovery from a successful bone marrow/stem-cell transplant at Loyola's University Medical Center in Maywood, IL recently on August 21, 2012. When one is trying to get or who has had a transplant or who has been battling cancer; you can imagine the financial impacts.

I know in these hard economic times, we all are experiencing these same hard times in this current point of history. But this is doubly hard for when someone has no income source due to unemployment because of his cancer.

This is the situation my brother Perry and his family is facing now. He is going through severe financial difficulty and needs our help for his family to survive as he fully recovers and we pray; has a full remission and cure. Please I ask you to consider again to go to these web-links to assist his family and further assist the cause as he has partnered with the foundations to help set donor drives as he raises funds through his efforts.

By going to: or and/or on Facebook:

This is a call to everyone visiting this campaign and cause for saving lives who have contracted Blood Borne Cancers to have a chance to win their battles against this wicked Opponent.

We need to spread the message by this PETITION and learn and save a life by watching the attached video or going to the provided links that have further videos and materials to help with learning about this cause.

Patients from racially and ethnically diverse communities face a greater challenge in finding a donor. NMDP recruitment centers work closely with communities to raise awareness about the need for a more diverse registry to help more patients. This is why we got involved to these levels of raising funds and awareness. Learn more and join the registry at:


Catholicity Praying

How this will help

The stakes are high and many are in need of life saving donors and that is a story that brings "Be the Match" to even more importance and why this campaign must meet it's successful goals.


The stakes are high and many are in need of life saving donors and that is a story that brings "Be the Match" to even more importance and why this campaign must meet it's successful goals.

Each year more than 10,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease of the blood or bone marrow, and as many as 70 percent—whose best chance of survival is getting a stem-cell transplant—do not have a matching donor in their family.

By getting again, all your friends and family in Facebook and other social media signatures to this PETITION, we gain a powerful stance to send a message that we have a group mobilized that is ready to help make changes for family's around the United States and ultimately around the world.

Please, again go to the following web-links today and make a further difference by giving with your heart what you can afford:

By going to: or and/or on Facebook:

Thank you and may you and your loved ones have Many Blessings,


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