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It takes guts and money to dig your heels in the ground and fight to protect the sovereignty of the United States of America when our elected and appointed officials are all too eager to give up our rights in order to play their dangerous, "One-World Government" game.

A few organizations have proven they have the guts, by filing a lawsuit in the federal district court in Denver, Colorado, seeking to declare World Trade Organization's (WTO's) adverse ruling against our U.S. Country of Origin Law (COOL) null and void.

Please join with us and fight for COOL by donating financially, sharing information about this lawsuit with your friends, and purchasing Made in the USA products!

Here's a little background on the lawsuit:

The lawsuit explains that Congress approved the United States' entry into the WTO when then President Clinton signed into law the Uruguay Round Agreements Act in 1994 (Act). One of the key provisions in the Act explicitly states that no provision of the Uruguay Round Agreement, nor the application of any provision of the Uruguay Round Agreement, that is inconsistent with any law of the United States shall have effect. In other words, if the WTO, which was established pursuant to the Uruguay Round Agreement, issues a decision that is in conflict with U.S. law, then the WTO decision is void and U.S. law shall prevail.

The lawsuit further explains that while Canada and Mexico filed their complaints with the WTO, and both complaints were heard at the same time, the WTO nevertheless selected a Mexican national to preside as one of the only three "judges" who decided the complaints by ruling against United States COOL, which is a clear conflict of interest.

Named as defendants in the lawsuit are the WTO that issued the adverse COOL ruling; Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack who is charged with implementing and enforcing COOL; U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk who is charged with representing the United States in international trade matters; and the United States of America that is the government created by the United States Constitution.

The lawsuit alleges that the WTO had no authority to issue a ruling in conflict with the U.S. COOL law; and since it did, that ruling must be declared null and void in the United States and throughout the world. It also alleges that Secretary Vilsack and Ambassador Kirk failed their respective duties to protect and preserve the sovereignty of the United States by failing to invoke the statute that states that any ruling by the WTO that is in conflict with any U.S. law shall have no effect.


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