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UK Health Ministers of each Country Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland

For nearly 60years, sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis have endured an illness that we do not posses the Biomedical Technology to stop, which is both sporadic and epidemic.

This has included children as young as 8, whom you have allowed to be removed from their family home by law or given Lumbar Punctures, merely as a means to disprove the condition.

All of us endure an illness that has in the region of 90 symptoms, such that it leaves us disorientated as to our very being.... Attacking our body, producing Cancers, vascular decay and suicide as people feel left outside society with no hope of a future.

In 2002 your Health Chiefs said about the great need for recognition and services, yet a decade on, there is virtually nothing to speak of in support or science?

We are the 'Forgotten' not even as important as Mobile signal production which you have given £200million in the last year.

This is why as 'Democratic' leaders you must apologise to us in the name of Humanity as the opening of the 'gateway to change. In the hope of stopping the suffering and dying of your fellow countrymen and women so as to procure a better future for us all!

We estimate around 314,000 sufferers which could be anything up to 5 times this as appropriate recording of sufferers is not kept either.

Robert Anthony Frederick
Scottish Alliance on M.E.


Robert Frederick

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To change the face of M.E. in the UK and to ensure a clear pathway of Care for sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis in the hope someday soon there will be a 'CURE!'


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