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Many Americans count on the Presidential debates to make their final voting decision. Most Americans also believe that if a candidate is on all the state ballots, he or she will appear on stage - not true!

Did you know that there is a third candidate (Gary Johnson) and possibly even a fourth (Jill Stein) who will also be on all or enough state ballots to mathematically win, but will be excluded from the debates unless you speak up NOW?!

I was appalled when I read the debate criteria on -- The first two criteria are fine: "Constitutional eligibility, and on enough ballots to mathematically have a chance to win" ... but the third criteria is ABSURD!: "Must achieve 15% in popular polls".

Everyone knows it is impossible for a candidate who is excluded from the popular polls to achieve ANY percent! The popular polls consistently include only the two major party candidates and exclude the other candidates.

Aren't you angry that you're being deprived of "meeting" all the viable candidates who will be on all the state ballots?

If all of the Constitutionally and mathematically eligible candidates are not on the stage in 2012 I suspect this American tradition will be useless after this election.


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