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About True Justice For Nikolas Chavez III - Murdered at age 3, this is still a cold case!

True justice for my son Nikolas Chavez III. The guilty only got child endagerment when it was quite clear he was guilty of taking my son's life. Child endangerment is not putting your child's seatbelt on, not breaking a child in half backwards and rupturing all of his belly innards. Those were the injuries my son sustained. The jury decided the obviously guilty merely waited too long to call for help that's why he only got child endangerment. The guilty waited 45 minutes to call for help. Is that the actions of somebody who didn't commit this most brutal act?! NO, these are the desperate actions of a monster using that time to try to think up an alibi!! He got served with 7 years and now it looks like he's only serving a little over 4 years. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!! My Nikko's case MUST be reopened!! Vital evidence was left out that would have ensured the guilty get the many years more deserved for this most brutal murder. Both the state and the defenses medical experts agreed my son's cause of death was a homocide.

Please help me, the single parent fighting for his son's true justice.

-A childless father making right the severely wronged, Nick Chavez II (Dad)!/TrueJusticeForNikolasChavezIII


Nick Chavez II

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Because this is a huge injustice that must be made right!


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