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I am tired of having to sign petitions for what should be common human sense. Every day numerous petitions against some form of abuse is posted on my social pages; petitions to end city kennels slaughter, recruiting pitbulls in the K9 program rather than killing them, stopping French Islanders from using dogs and kittes as shark bait, to stop bull fights, stopping the Whale Murder in the Faraoe Islands, stopping mistreatment of animals, dolphin slaying, putting an end to bear baiting, stop beating cats… the list is endless. I don't have much hope that these actions will change the ethics of people who obviously have had such a sub human quality of life they need to be told their actions are unprincipled and barbaric. I think it is time to start a different campaign. I think we all identify with the feeling of futility, and helplessness in dealing with so much callousness, for the powerlessness of the people guilty of these acts to be able to understand other perspectives, and live different realities, to identify the conditions that would reverse these actions, and to apply them. The campaigns should be against the conditions the generate these actions, against the circumstances that condone them, against the administrations that allow them; campaigns to change the needs of people that live in conditions that generate inhumane moral principles. We need a campaign of understanding, a motivation to become a Universal Citizen responsible for acknowledging that our acts touch everyone, and all things. We should raise our individual voices to give support and recognition only to organizations, institutions, establishments, and governments that are willing to create and support new sets of ethics by creating the circumstances that will reverse these conditions. We need to join individually in the responsibility of understanding and reversing environments that generate any kind of violence, and extend support only in response to commitment. To recognize any effort to reverse these acts, individually or collectively. To involve ourselves in practicing accountability for the recipients of our governments’ foreign aid, instituting new recognitions towards this effort by the United Nations, a new category by the Nobel Prize Organization, we need to become once voice against any form of abuse, including the planet’s.


Alba Vales

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Each person is part of the solution, and each of us has a special talent towards this goal. Geographical boundaries can no longer limit our collective responsibility as Universal Citizens.


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