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I was the biggest proponet of Gladney Adoption Center at one time, so this does not come from just anyone. I thought they were the best people on earth! I lived in their adoption "dorms" with 35 other pregnant women ages 13-45 and saw plenty of Sh#t go down in every way imaginable and unimaginable, behind closed doors and right in the open! I have waited 4 years and gone over this in my head a million times. After much reflection, I realize I have to stand up and tell the truth. No one else will or can (for reasons I explain below) and Gladney can't keep getting away with what they are doing. Just wait, this list is long! I'll get there in a minute. See I am a birth mother, a recent one. I have discovered while living on the premises of Edna Gladney and during the time after my adoption what has really been going on. First off I want to tell everyone WHY no one has heard of this bad news before. and how Edna Gladney is perceived as the best adoption agecy in the world (certaintly most influential and profitable, funded by the Bush's and other big wigs) The truth is never told because the only ones that know what goes on inside the system are the birth mothers and they have there hands tied and are scared to speak out. The agency holds there future reationshiip and ALL communication with the adoptive parents of her child in there hands, and they can do whatever they want and no one would be the wiser. So Birth Mothers are scared into submission and told not to talk. Many women speak out 20 years later about Edna Gladney (and protest almost every event too-because they fundraise in the name of birth mother support more than anything, which is a total lie) Anyways, once 20 years has gone by and they have had a reunion with child, many women are able to speak out. However it is too late by then to really prove anything or show exactly what is going down. The same people may not be in charge anymore and its just not a case anymore. I am standing up to them because they have taken too much of my dignity away already. It took a few years to get the courage to do this. I have been scared of them for so long. Afraid of them literally. I am doing this for the women in the dorms at edna gladney right now, the ones that will come, the adoptive parents that are being robbed of there money and told lies for no reason, and most importantly the children! The children are the ones being most hurt by gladney's practices. I hope you realize this is going to be a lot to tell so I can't fit it alll in the summary here. I have the guts tonight for some reason, to finally put it out there. They can't do anything more to me, they have already not maintained the relationship they said they would or the support and most importantly have not allowed any communication with the adoptive parents and me. This is a long story. I am not alone. I odn' ttake this lightly. But they are raising money and none of it is going to what they say. I have done much research on this and I am ready for anything they throw at me to try to discredit me. I imagine with the money they have, they can do anything. I still have the unsigned permission slip from the hospital, that was given to me before they took the baby off to temporary house number one. (where she got sick, almost died, I couldnt even see her etc) I love my daughter, and Im doing this for her. She deserved so much better. I am older now, and will not be taken advantage of this time or manipulated. I have nothing against her Adoptive Parents I picked them. I have everything against the agency that claims to support the "adoption triad" yet fails to remember they are not a fourth part of any triad and can't just sit in the middle and crush the relationship between birth mother, parents, and child. They have done sooooo many things wrong. I'll just mention real quick, how many of you know about the "smoking room" reserved for the birth mothers who smoke. Yeah that's a place that cares about kids or the bottom line? Dont get me started on overseas adoptions yet. This is a racket that must be stopped. And will be. Bring it Gladney. You can't trick me anymore or my friends I watched fall to the same game. It's over.
Excuse me if this is not edited properly. It will be soon. I've written so much over the years. It is now time to collect everything. Not only did I start a non profit to help this not happen to other women like myself, but that nonprofit has helped 50 times more women than Edna Gladney ever has in the entire existence of the agency.
Please know, this is no where near all the info for this petition. There is so much more to come, and frankly I will be relieved to finally get it all out in the air. I have never never a "petition" or anything like this, I'm not one to make trouble with anyone EVER. But this is something I must do. Hope it is understood as I mean for it to be presented. I will start telling the facts starting now. Just hang around for updates. Please join the Mission Page if nothing else, that would be very helpful. Find out what Birth Mom Missions is doing to help save the unborn, help women through adoptions and help them keep there baby, help post adoption grief, let adopted kids know they are loved, and clear up the misconceptions and disinformation out there among society and even between the birth parents and adoptive parents.


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If they want to learn more about adoption, the reality of it, If they care about kids, and if they are genuinely concerned or have been affected by Gladney. I don't need any sympathy signatures,...

If they want to learn more about adoption, the reality of it, If they care about kids, and if they are genuinely concerned or have been affected by Gladney. I don't need any sympathy signatures, there will be plenty to go around. This is just the beginning and an example of what is to come anyways. Future petitions will have specific claims and references for action to be taken upon receiving. This is just because, I have to start somewhere. Why not HERE WHY NOT NOW. It's been too long already.
No one needs to pay a middle man for anything, and Adoptive Parents are being ripped off along with the pregnant woman and adopted children. Oh so much is going to come out here, and it is about time!
Please watch the videos attached and view the pictures.

Also: I can't get the causes app to work correctly and so this is not linked to the Birth Mom Missions cause as it should be. It is easy to find and I'll post a link below in the comments. It is supposed to be a petition as part of that cause (which has much more info on it about this) email: [email protected] and much more. I've been busy these past 4 yrs, and I doubt (in fact I know) they don't expect anyone of us to stand up for ourselves. Well, here I am.


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