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Today is International Literacy Day!

Please help Bread and Water for Africa® break the cycle of illiteracy!

Bread and Water for Africa® believes literacy isn't just an investment in the future of Africa— literacy IS the future of Africa. Without the ability to read, future generations of Africans are doomed to repeat the cycle of poverty plaguing the continent. Help us continue making Africa become self-sufficient and self-reliant by supporting our educational and vocational programs in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The cycle of illiteracy can only be broken by providing Africa's children with basic education through secondary school and vocational training.

Here's how your support makes a lifetime of difference for an African child:

$ 6 can buy a child's textbook
$12 can pay for a full school uniform
$24 can guarantee a year's worth of school admission for one student
$95 can pay for one primary school teacher's salary for a month

Thank you for allowing us to keep fighting the good fight!

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