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Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur, Yang Berbahagia Dato' Ahmad Phesal Talib

We would like to request your urgent attention to the unregulated act of deforestation that has been taking place in the Wangsa Maju vicinity. Over the past years, this area which is known to be the "jungle in the city" have been undergoing intense development to increase the density of the area which is now known as a strategic zone due to it's close proximity to the city center and transit hubs. We understand the need for development in this nation but hate to see that in the process of achieving higher goals as a first world country, our quality of life and harmony with nature has been severely compromised.

Our objection to this development is based on the following issues:
i. The proposed increase of density from 60persons per acre to 319 persons per acre is too much and will cause excessive congestion, traffic and a drastic change of lifestyle to our community. There is only one entrance into Wangsa Maju Section 10. The infrastructure in this area is not enough to contain such a density increase.
ii. The site of the proposed development is the last remaining green lung in this area (Wangsa Maju has been rapidly growing and too many green lungs have been destroyed over the past years)
iii. The land in the forest is uneven, very high slopes and valleys that might lead to landslides(in 2006, construction of the DUKE highway caused the landslide at the DBKL Flats area which led to relocation of 571 families)
iv. Loss of animal sanctuary leaving birds, squirrels, monitor lizards, insects and other forest creatures scattered and eventually lost from the biodiversity in this area (there are about 200 species of birds that live in this forest and migratory birds that often spend long periods of resting in this part of the city).
v. Parking in this area is already on dangerous grounds as cars are often double parked along the entire hillside. This proposed development will not eradicate this problem but rather intensify it.

By helping us save this forest from future development you will be giving the future generation of students studying in the SK Wangsa Maju Zon R10 school and neighboring schools an educational park by which jungle trekking and nature courses can be carried out occasionally to instill in students the importance of mother nature in our lives and help our nation in achieving a sustainable future as foreseen by our Prime Minister YAB Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak.

Thank you.


Sheena Moses

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