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ATAC respectfully requests the implementation of the much-needed, long-overdue, and previously approved African infusion into the school district curriculum not only as a requirement for high school graduation but also- and especially- as a requirement for students from kindergarten through eighth grade. In addition to this kindergarten through eighth grade African infusion (covering social studies, science, and mathematics) having been officially approved by the Superintendent most recently in 2005- but inexplicably never having been implemented following that superintendent's departure- more than four decades ago and at the request of another Superintendent, an impressively well-researched book entitled The World of Africans and Afro-Americans was written in 1971 by the "Ad Hoc Administrative Committee for the Infusion of African and Afro-American History into the Curricula." This blue-ribbon committee included 24 prominent principals and teachers along with preeminent scholars Dr. Edward W. Robinson Jr. and Dr. John Henrik Clarke.

Immediately after their book was officially approved, 13,000 copies were published by the district's Instructional Services. But, again inexplicably, not one single copy of that book was ever distributed to any student. And to make matters worse, it was later discovered that the educationally essential information contained in that book was never infused into the general history textbooks used by all the city's school children.

Implementation of the infusion of Dr. Robinson's scholastically vetted research regarding Africa (specifically, Songhai and Ancient Egypt) into each chapter of the school district's required textbooks would immediately benefit all students- black, white, brown, and yellow. In regard to black students, it would increase- and through testing has increased- academic proficiency and would improve- and through observation has improved- behavior. And in regard to white, brown, and yellow, as well as black, students, it will heighten respect of black people by uncovering the beauty, grandeur, and sophistication of ancient Africa and its essential intellectually enlightening contributions to the entire world. It will also decrease the disproportionate educational, societal, and economic ills plaguing blacks not only throughout Philadelphia but also throughout the world.

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