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Vote on November 6th for a clean energy future and mobilize friends and family to do the same

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How this will help

Carbon dioxide is the substance that has the most rapidly increasing emission levels. Human caused carbon dioxide emissions mostly come from the burning of fossil fuels in automobiles and power plants.

Here are a few ways climate change can effect you in the future:
*Increases in air and water temperatures will cause heat related stresses for people, plants, and animals.
*Decreased water availability is likely to effect the region's economy as well as it's natural systems.
*Quality of life will be affected by increasing heat, stress, water scarcity, and severe weather.

Together we can stand up to big polluters, clean up politics and fight for true clean energy solutions that will create millions of good jobs and healthy communities.

This fall, we have the opportunity to demand clean energy solutions and climate action across the country. Leveraging our influence as a voting citizen is the most powerful way to change energy policy in this country. Our power comes from grassroots campaigns - from our campuses and our communities.

Lead the way by pledging to vote for candidates that support clean energy like solar and wind power.

This fall we must use the election to:

1) Turn out people to build momentum for local clean energy solutions, and demand candidates and elected officials follow our lead

2) Unite our people power by forwarding this action to 5 friends to push back on the role of dirty money, and demand candidates stand with us, not the Big Polluters

3) Demand candidates address the climate crisis, the most pressing environmental issue of our generation, and start talking about clean energy solutions, instead of promoting dirty coal, gas, oil and nuclear


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