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Ask my friends to make a personal change or take a stand against the burning of forests in Indonesia

This pledge closed about 4 years ago

How this will help

It may not be much... it may not make any difference at all... but we feel it is important to take some form of positive action against the burning of forests in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil... besides just harboring feelings of sadness or impotence about what is happening to the world's forests.

Those of us living in Singapore are used to the haze season - that is taking place now. Every year when they burn the forests in Indonesia - that are the oldest in the planet, millions of years older than Brazil's - the areas burned are so large that we can smell it and "see" it from here.

Many days we can hardly see the sun. Some days the smog is so dense that authorities here issue warnings not to go outside. The acrid smell is a constant reminder of the dead trees.

That old feeling of sadness and impotence sinks in.

I've started this cause because I don't want to get used to this situation... and it is inspired by a group that was formed many years ago in Singapore, and that I was part of, called Haze Watch, to raise awareness in children of the need to protect our (the world's) forests and nature.

Thank you for joining me in taking positive action by making a personal change or taking a stand of whatever shape or form - even it just to raise awareness and remind our friends - against what is being done to the world's forests.

Paula & the Haze Watch team


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