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Sign and SPREAD a petition to make voting PERFECTED and PROTECTED

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How this will help

When you think about the problems and solutions for voting; we hope that your thoughts are expressed below. We the people want our voting protected and perfected.

1) The Right to Vote

2) Former Felon Voters

3) D.C. rights to vote

4) Representation via Constitution rules

5) Board of Elections

6) Campaign Finance Reform

7) Ballot Access

8) Ballot Access (non party)

9) Debate Access

10) Instant Run Off Voting

11) Verifiable Counting (paper)

12) National Popular Voting (no electorate)

13) Gerrymandering (neutral)

14) Media

15) Protesting

16) Bills (single issue)

17) Initiatives

18) Voter ID

19) Election day holiday

20) Congress to provide funds 

WELL WE WROTE AN "ARTICLE" for the CONSTITUTION, that covers VOTERS. You can read it AND its reasons at a petition  Now if you take this pledge, it means you will help pass this petition around. Thanks


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