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The month of September is National Pain Awareness month! This entire month is dedicated to bring awareness to all ailments as it relates to pain diseases.

More specifically, National Invisible Chronic Pain Awareness Week is September 10-16, 2012. This involves a multitude of pain diseases, but it specifically touches us because it applies to our daughter, Jennifer, who as you know, suffers from RSD/CRPS, as do many, many others. This is a great time of the year to go above and beyond to bring attention and awareness to these diseases and to help others.

From all of us that fight on behalf of those who suffer, we thank you! We don't only fight for Jennifer, we fight and work to promote awareness for all those suffering. Because every patient, every sufferer, deserves a voice!

And for each one of you helping us give those brave survivors a voice, know that you may never meet them, but your thanks go beyond words.

Alan & Joyce


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