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We have just launched our first semester of the Seminary of the Americas! This will be the first in depth and systematic training offered to students in the areas of theology, Biblical study, practical ministry and gospel centered community development. This begins the first year of a four year training program that will result in strengthened local churches and dynamic new church plants! Current coursework includes the following: Biblical Theology of Redemption I, Introduction to Homiletics, Hermeneutics, Time & Financial Management I, and Foundational Christian Beliefs.

$100 per student would cover all of the necessary books for this semester. We would like to secure 20 sets in the coming week to cover all of the students as well as provide copies for our library! Would you be willing to make a contribution to sponsor a student's books for this semester? Please make a contribution and share this cause with your friends and family! Help us provide the necessary tools for these new students who are serious about furthering the Kingdom of God on the island of Hispaniola and beyond!

Funds raised beyond $2000 will be designated to help with additional seminary expenses.

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