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Take a stand for universal primary education in Pakistan to ensure that by 2015 children will be abl

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In the USA, where I was born and where I have the privilege of working every day, we see a bright future for the children of this country.  Yet, this future is still some way off for a huge proportion of the children of Pakistan.

Education and healthcare is something most of us may take for granted. For the majority of people in Pakistan, if they have had an education and the proper resources, they could make choices that allow them to plan their lives, dream of a future full of possibilities and be in control of those decisions.

But most children in Pakistan--indeed most--are not able to do this, and organizations like HDF exist to serve them.  Can you imagine a world where every child is equal? Our mission is to help them imagine a Pakistan where every person has these choices, no matter what their economic status, education or family background.  So, with our partners, we work hard to give more children equal access to education and health services, right here, with our own fellow supporters, sponsors, and donors.

Are we are daring to imagine a world where these children – and the 60% of the rest of the people in Pakistan, who do not have access to everyday resources that we may not even realize we are blessed with – will have the same chances in life as their more fortunate fellow citizens of the world?

The future is truly bright for the people of Pakistan. This is a promising, vibrant country with much potential.  But even so, that future is not currently available to everyone. I hope that as we look to the future, the people of Pakistan who don't have equal access to resources will be top-of-mind for dedicated supporters such as yourself of HDF. 

Do you believe every child should have the opportunity to determine his or her own future? Spread the word that education is the answer to foster positive change! Take the pledge, share your own story, and ask your online communities to do the same!


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