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Here's the challenge:

Please feel free to share this message with others who might be able, willing or interested in helping. The search for a suitable facility for a Hope & Healing center for abused women in Romania and in the U.S. is under way. Here's what we're looking for:

(1) Must be in a pretty rural setting. Mountains would be perfect! Part of the healing process includes being able to spend time in nature. Ideally, a place that has evergreen trees so there is some greenery year-round.

(2) It could be land at this time, and we could build something suitable.

(3) It could be a house, but it must have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, plus a separate living quarters for the resident caretakers.

(4) For ROMANIA: Should be located near the Bistrita/Piatra Fantanele/Colibita area (within 2 hours distance), as that is where our counselors are located.

(5) Hopefully there will be enough land to have fruit trees and a garden, as well as the possibility of having horses (this is a wish, not a requirement).

(6) Must be reasonably priced and tax exempt for a NGO (nonprofit organization).

I have contacted realtors in Romania, but they have not returned my messages. If you know of a place that is available, please let me know.

In the U.S., we are looking at the purchase of a Bed & Breakfast that would work very well as a healing center. The purchase price is $400,000. Please pray God will provide the funding, and the right people to staff the center in the U.S.

Thanks so much!!

P.S. The stated goal of $1 million is to purchase BOTH healing centers (US & Romania), as well as provide salaries for staff and all operating costs for 2013. This also includes educational material production, convention exhibits and seminars for victims.

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