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I wish to start this petition to try to prevent the worst happening which it will inevitably do as the traffic and people using the B3304 Helston to Porthleven road increases year on year. I see between 10 to 30 pedestrians of one kind or another every day - and that's only when I'm at home or even taking notice!!!

My 13 year old son and the 14 year old daughter of my neighbour both have to walk back and forth to Wellington Road to get the school bus (and its a dark journey in winter!). If you have ever tried it you will know that there are many blind spots and the speed and size of traffic moving in both directions means you need to dive into the hedge at any moment to avoid being hit! I won't even tell you about the drinkers in Helston trying to get back home to Porthleven in the early hours!

Please support this petition, not just for the children of the Penrose and Porthleven community to whom we have a duty to safeguard, but also for all the people who would appreciate safe access to both towns - either for work or for pleasure. I'm certain this pathway would even increase business for both commercial centres, and provide a greater enjoyment of the outstanding beauty of Penrose and Loe Bar.

Come on, lets do it before someone gets seriously injured or even killed!! I have set a goal to collect as many signatures as possible in the next three months.... Please comment if you have sustained an injury or experienced a nasty near miss as these incidents often go unrecorded. Thank you.


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