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"9 year old Chinenye Emeka got her buttocks burnt with hot electric pressing iron by her guardian, Mrs. Ifechukwu Akabekwa, because she used the money given to her by a philanthropist to pay her school fees without the permission of her guardian. Mrs Akabekwa, of Abazuonu Street in Iyi-Owa Odekpe, Anambra state, maltreated and subjected Chinenye to different ordeals on a daily basis, including forcing her to hawk along the major road of Atani during school hours. And when a stranger tried to help little Chinenye, her guardian got very angry, she scarred the little girl for life. Mrs Akabekwa has been arrested by police"

The 'Scholarship Fund for Underprivileged Girls' is a Zahara Women Foundation initiative that supports 50 girls who are either orphans or from very poor socio-economic background. The Fund is designed to enhance the ability of these girls to complete their secondary education which would otherwise have been impossible.

This Scholarship Fund will cover educational expenses such as uniforms, school fees, and other educational and some living expenses. It is available to secondary school girls in Nigeria.


This initiative will provide security and stability to underprivileged girls who would otherwise be vulnerable to forced labour, child prostitution, early marriages, unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

Zahara Women Foundation knows you care deeply about the issues at hand, thus our decision to reach out to all our supporters to kindly support this initiative.

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