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Your Excellency Honourable David Johnston, 

Stop the abuse from Corporations, Province, and Federal Government of Canada! The land belongs to Native Peoples of Coast Salish Territory and we hold it in Trust for our Children. Stop the Privatization of Land Sales - there was no consultations with band members, no deal, no agreements - theft of native land has to stop here!!! The original families own lands and all of Coast Salish Territories belong to those Original Families; not our Elective Leaders within our Territories. We are blood line to the land, which goes to our Grandchildren. Original families own acres and hecters of lands, and territories. No one has the right to sell our lands to foreign corporation or make deals without the original land holders of the land. We follow the law of the land and longhouse. Huy Ch Qu Sharon Lewis


Sharon Lewis

At contact there was 100,000 native peoples of Cowichan Coast Salish Territory during 1900 and by 1925 there was only 25,000 people and now there is only 4,500 members. The native people of Cowichan are becoming systemically wiped out from genocide. We do not want privatization of land sales - the Province nor Canada has not honored the original agreement at contact. If there is NO Consultation with the people then there is a Breach of Trust and one Nation violating the other. Canada is Violating their fiduciary agreement with Natives. Bring honesty and truth to the table with all Hereditary Leaders; we can discuss the future of our lands and resources, until then its time for Compensation for all the theft through deceptive laws made by Canada. Restore the lands to Native Peoples because of the great land theft since Contact! 


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