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Recently a petition formed on has gone viral on the facebook pages of many South Africans.

The link to the page is this:

Seeing it for yourself explains it better than I can in summary, but in short, the petition argues that the Australian government should grant asylum to white South Africans who need saving because "Since the new Democracy of 1994 the White South-Africans have been killed on a daily basis by racially motivated murders, and have also been discriminated against by draconian racial labour laws based on the colour of their skin. Almost one million of the three million White South-Africans have become unemployed and destitute. The housing crisis for the country's 1-million destitute White South-Africans in fact has now taken on critical proportions. After eighteen years of ANC-rule, the highly-educated, multilingual, and hard working White South-African nation is being plunged into stone-age misery and permanent destitution, barred by ANC-laws from the labour market only because of the colour of their skin. It's no longer unusual to see destitude White South-Africans begging in the streets. Many are qualified but unemployed artisans, teachers and nurses -- all working-class White South-Africans whose job skills are being deliberately rejected by the ANC-regime only because of their ethnic-background.

Most of these people are too scared to complain about their plight. Whole families are forced to live on the streets and in squatter camps, where they are isolated, and this is part of a possible genocidal plan."

This is just the beginning of the justification.

Aside from being riddled with factual inaccuracies and swollen with terrifying white supremacist, Apartheid style rhetoric, it also selectively tries to manipulate a false sense of history to its advantage. While painting a picture of the evil, dangerous black person, and in an update that has since been removed to cover their backs, where they described clear negroid attacks on the poor caucasian, they ignore the elephants in the room.

1) APARTHIED. (unless they try to spin it into some fanciful, justified oppression or a black conspiracy perpertrated Apartheid)

2) the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a system set up as a basis for forgiveness of crimes based on restorative, not retributive justice, and led by men such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a black man who doesn't support the picture painted of the 'negroid' by the racist rhetoric emanating from Australia.

Equally disturbing is some of the comments left by South Africans, a glimpse into a dark underbelly of racist Apartheid remnants that still exists.

One such comment: "They don't believe in God. They are communists that believe in forefather worshipping and witch doctors. Like in the past they have no regard for human life." Verwoed anyone?

South Africans of all descriptions need to take a stand. Let us drown these petty , misguided lies in a torrent of comments containing the truth about our past, the true reality of South Africa today, testimonies of South Africa's issues, through comments on this page and as many signings of this petition as possible. Let us flood them with the truth.

From a white South African who has never encountered any of the play time fantasy described by a source of pure racist ignorance.


Dan Corder

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How this will help

For the truth of South African reality to be known, and for lies of racist rhetoric and false history and facts to be dispelled.

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