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Support the Equal Citizenship Motion for Supporting independence for sick and disabled people

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How this will help

The way in which disabled people are treated in society is abysmal.

We need to challenge the status quo, and ensure that discrimination is eradicated, in both legislation and society.

By supporting the motion Kelly-Marie and George are putting to the Liberal Democrat Conference you will help us to ensure the following;

*An impartial review of the Welfare Reform Act by the Coalition Government
*A review of WCA assessment centres
*Public consultation on the assessment mechanisms for DLA, ESA and PIPs, with special emphasis on eligibility for support for those with time variant conditions
*The results of this consultation to be used by the DWP to reform its sickness and disability policies
*Additional support and effort to be targeted at enabling sick and disabled people to remain in work and at removing barriers of access to work
*The Government to ensure that it continues to take a balance approach to the advice it receives, and that it prioritises the advice of organisations representing sick and disabled people
*The Citizen's Advice and non profit making advice services to receive increased government funding during the transitional periods for any future substantial changes to the welfare system
*The Government to examine the impact of means-testing and income-related support elements of disability welfare policy
*A public awareness campaign to tackle prejudice and other attitudes detrimental to the well-being of sick and the disabled people

Read the full motion at Page 25

Together we can begin to errode the detrimental treatment of people with disabilities.


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