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Follow Ret. USAF Staff Sgt. Colleen Bushnell's cross-country bike ride to deliver petitions to Rep.

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Ret. USAF Staff Sgt. Colleen Bushnell was raped at the now infamous Lackland Air Force Base by a superior officer in 2003 and assaulted the following year while on active duty.

Since Colleen was a trainee at Lackland the epidemic of unpunished military sexual assault has gotten progressively worse and the Air Force has admitted before Congress that they don't know how to fix it. The VA estimates that there are now more than half a million soldiers that have been a victim of sexual assault while in the armed forces.

Colleen, an Iraq war veteran, decided that she is going to do something about the ongoing criminal behavior at Lackland, so what happened to her does not happen to any other of our brave men and women who decide to serve our country. The mother of two is biking across country this summer with other veterans, part of the Long Road Home Project.

She has been sharing her story with Americans in small towns and big cities across our country -- asking them to join her in calling on Congress to do their job and get to the bottom of the criminal sexual abuse scandal at Lackland.

Thousands have joined her and signed a petition ( demanding that Rep. Buck McKeon, chair of the House Armed Services Committee, hold a congressional investigation on the Lackland criminal scandal to protect our defenders.

We hope Congress acts before Colleen arrives in our nation's capital in October, but if it does not, Colleen will deliver thousands more petitions to Congress from folks that have joined her on the road to D.C. demanding our elected officials do their job and not let the Air Force hide behind closed doors.

You can follow her journey here. She'll be updating you with photos and videos from the road.

Thank for your continued support,

-Protect Our Defenders


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