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we fonded operation black steel for the affiliation of thwe world org. of men/family and world org. of freedom,llc. on july 2012 we open a non-profit affiliation operation black steel to open up prison doors to innocent people who didn't commit any crimes. u.s. news and reports surveys in jan.2006 that 87 out of 100 u.s. innocent citizens were imprisoned of because the court laws thought they knew each criminal by looks. tha'ts not specfic. since the excution of troy davis last fall, half a dozen of people were under leathal injections in death row on crimes they don't know a thing about. amnesty international,we at operation black steel(OBS) need some support from you to us to stop this critical shameful event. write operation black steelc/o world of family 800 east mulberry st. goldsboro,nc 27530

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