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Gov. Mitt Romney

Governor Mitt Romney,

Everyone in the U.S. is aware of your lapse of judgement putting your dog Sheamus on top of your car. However, that does not seem as horrific as a lot of the cities and states in the U.S. that have the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) in place. BSL is at it's best PROFILING of certain breed types as "dangerous or viscous" types of breeds. BSL is basically nothing less than what the NAZIS did to the JEWS during the holocaust. Putting a certain "TYPE" into a category with the LAW saying they have the right to remove that type from their home. Alot of the time for unjust reason or cause, simply for being conceived as the kind of dog that is a danger to society.

The truth of the matter is as I am sure you know. EVERYTHING is born innocent! How they mature is due to the way they are taught and life experiences that are learned. However, there are exceptions to this. The voice of reason says. You do not punish and destroy all of the innocent to punish the guilty. How in this day and age, of so called equality and desegregation of people can we as intelligent people allow this to happen to innocent dogs that have done NOTHING WRONG!

The world cried out to the unthinkable actions of the Hitler mentality of mass murder of innocent people. How can this be allowed to happen to voiceless and innocent dogs that in the hands of good owners are the most loyal and intelligent and obedient dogs in the world? If you put a loaded gun on the table and it is not touched there is no problem that will arise. If you put that loaded gun on the table where there is a criminal, chances are something bad will happen. I am saying this in closing. BSL needs to be deemed ILLEGAL. It has no or founded basis to be law in the United States. Profiling of a human being in the U.S. is ILLEGAL! I will say this, that a legislation that would allow these types of dogs to be with owners should be regulated..Required criminal background checks of the owners. Minimum required vet visits to also determine if the dog is "dangerous or vicious". Also permit required by the owner to own this type of dog. The good owners would gladly do these requirements. It would also legally limit the type of owner these great animals require. Also higher criminal charges against the owners if determined the dogs were neglected or abused. The punishment and penalties need to be placed on the problem, not the innocent that did nothing wrong! Punish the DEED and not the BREED would be acceptable to everyone!

Law is devised to create guidance and lawfulness. Its intent is NOT to PUNISH AND MURDER THE INNOCENT! That is what the BSL does, PUNISHES and MURDERS the INNOCENT! We say punish the guilty, the guilty dogs, the guilty owners, the guilty owners that neglect and abuse the dogs. But also give the dogs an opportunity to be rehabilitated just like our most heinous and appalling criminals get the opportunity to do. OUR DOGS DESERVE THAT CHANCE!

Thank you,

Please stop the Murder of our INNOCENT Animals!


Bob McQuaid

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We have to stop this MURDERING of the INNOCENT!! KILL BSL


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